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To Whom It May Concern: Thanks for the woo-woo

written Dec 4, 2007, and the reason I (Adam's mom) thought of the idea for him to have his own LJ.

This morning I was trying to get back to sleep, there were no outside activities planned, and I had nothing better to do. I was having problems falling asleep, I was tired but things kept running through my head. As many may know, there's a rift in my family that pulls me in two directions at once, and I'm in a legal battle with my ex-wife's family that may decide how often I get to see my son.

Other family members see it differently, but my story, my point of view. :p

Anyway, I was overloading on stress, when a "presence" entered my thoughts. A lot of my "woo-woo" experiences happen with me looking down at myself in my mind's eye. I saw a woman nuzzle my right cheek.

The woman seemed familiar, but I don't think we've met in this plane. I have a feeling I know who it is, and my mom at this point will think I'm crazy (no, she doesn't) and anyone who knows about her experiences that's saying a lot. But since I trust my feeling, and we make our own reality, I say I know (who it is), but that may be wishful thinking.

This simple nuzzle cleared my mind completely, and shortly after I was fast asleep. So, if the woman responsible for calming my mind happens to read this (as I suspect and hope she will), thanks for the woo-woo.

Also she has the cutest face I've ever seen.:)

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