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Friday, Dec. 28, 2007

It started with me going back to bed after breakfast. As I was trying to go back to sleep, but still awake with my eyes shut, I saw two bright lights. They grew so intense that I had to look at my door to see if someone was shining a light on me. There was no one there.

As I drifted off into a semi-sleep state, these lights turned into two suns, very bright. Clouds formed in the sky. As I was looking at a blue sky, two suns and clouds, I had a bow and arrow in my hands with the arrow notched, pointed towards the ground.

As I looked at one of the clouds, two puffs of clouds broke off and started across the sky. These turned into Apollo on his carriage and Diana running next to him, which is unusual to me because in the Craft I come across references to Diana a lot, but I don't usually call upon her in ritual, and I've never felt a connection to Apollo.

Anyway, as I stood there watching the god and goddess race across the sky, I wanted to get their attention. I thought of firing the arrow I had notched into the sky, but I thought if it hit either of them it wouldn't hurt them but it would probably piss them off pretty good.

As I was pondering this our dumbass control officer pushed the wrong button and opened my door, waking me up and ruining the dream state. It was cool imagery, and a cool over-all dream, and I thought I'd share it.

Also I wanted to pass on a message to all those people who took the time out of their busy holiday coming and goings to send me their best wishes. Thank you all for thinking of me, it touched me to know little old me was in so many thoughts and prayers, especially from people I've never talked to or met.

To answer a common concern (and rightly so), I will never write back to anyone unless that person states clearly that it is OK to do so. I'm very careful with addresses, and if someone does not wish for me to write back, I destroy that address right away.

I am happy to write back, although my spelling SUCKS, and my handwriting isn't the best. I also understand that many people can be standoffish (if that's even a word lol) because of my situation. It's a lot to deal with, especially in the beginning. Anyway, thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts.
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written Dec 4, 2007, and the reason I (Adam's mom) thought of the idea for him to have his own LJ.

This morning I was trying to get back to sleep, there were no outside activities planned, and I had nothing better to do. I was having problems falling asleep, I was tired but things kept running through my head. As many may know, there's a rift in my family that pulls me in two directions at once, and I'm in a legal battle with my ex-wife's family that may decide how often I get to see my son.

Other family members see it differently, but my story, my point of view. :p

Anyway, I was overloading on stress, when a "presence" entered my thoughts. A lot of my "woo-woo" experiences happen with me looking down at myself in my mind's eye. I saw a woman nuzzle my right cheek.

The woman seemed familiar, but I don't think we've met in this plane. I have a feeling I know who it is, and my mom at this point will think I'm crazy (no, she doesn't) and anyone who knows about her experiences that's saying a lot. But since I trust my feeling, and we make our own reality, I say I know (who it is), but that may be wishful thinking.

This simple nuzzle cleared my mind completely, and shortly after I was fast asleep. So, if the woman responsible for calming my mind happens to read this (as I suspect and hope she will), thanks for the woo-woo.

Also she has the cutest face I've ever seen.:)


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