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Today was a train wreck to be quite honest. It started out with me oversleeping*, which resulted in having to rush through my morning routine. Then I got a job I hate, only to find out I'm assigned to washing trays, which I asked not to be put on because the crew is lazy and I end up doing everyone else's job. 
Then I go back to try to get the job I want. The only hold up is I have to be a higher privilege group, which I meet due to the new rules that govern such things (a new CA law just went into effect). I only need a counselor to push it through, and with the C/O's that want me in said job, it shouldn't be a problem. But my counselor won't do it right now, for whatever reason. So no new job. That pretty much sucks ass. So I spent my morning spinning my wheels for nothing.
I go home to make lunch and find a mayo packet has exploded all over my lunch bag. Back outside to deliver a message to someone for a friend, only to have the person not know what he's talking about.
Back home, tired, beaten down mentally, only to find at some point I lost my new palm comb. Awesomeness. It's not that it costs a lot, because it didn't. But we can only get one every three months in a quarterly package, and I just got mine for this quarter two days ago. Absolutely awesome. And as of now, today is only 3/4th's the way done. So what fresh hell will be raining down upon me this evening? 
I guess that's the thrill of being alive, to see how the  universe is going to take a giant dump on you next...
Happy holidays, hope the Mayans are right...
* Inmates aren't allowed any sort of alarm clocks. When an inmate has a job that requires getting up and being ready early in the morning (like 4-5am for jobs in the kitchen to prepare breakfast), they have to basically wake themselves up on time. Adam's told me this makes him a nervous wreck and he keeps waking up during the night, afraid he's going to oversleep, which means he doesn't get much sleep and/or any restful sleep.
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So, I left my old place of residence, which at the time was just coming off a lockdown program. I packed up my stuff and moved here (you know how that went for me) and got here to my new residence, only to be placed on what is called orientation status. Basically I'm confined to my cell until I get cleared by the committee which makes sure I'm OK to be here, I don't have any enemies here, etc. That could last from a week to a month, depending on how long they take to get to you.

We spend a lot of time in the cell, which is way smaller than my last place. But I got lucky and after 8 days I got off orientation on Tuesday the 10th. I was cleared to go to dayroom, the yard, and programs. Wednesday rolls around and I get up and wait to go to breakfast. Here we have to walk to the chow hall, another annoyance. My last place brought us the food to our cells.

As I wait it gets later and later, and come to find out there was a stabbing in the chow hall before we were we're on lockdown. I left a lockdown to be put on orientation, to get off of orientation to be put on lockdown the next morning. I swear, I can't win for losing.
But I will say there seem to be some Wiccan staff here, which is a plus.

There are two institutional movie channels and we get two movies a week that play on a rotating loop. The week I got here we had the same two movies I saw the week before at my old place, so that sucked. But this week we had "Red", a decent action movie with Bruce Willis, and it was funnier than I thought it would be. Then there is my new obsession movie, "The Romantics", with Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel. I can't stop watching it! The dialog, the music, it's a great movie. It's one of the best movies artistically I've seen in years; the main drama between Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes is spectacular. I had to write down half the movie lines so I wouldn't forget them. The back and forth mixed in with classical poetry...I mean you don't get lines like

"Forlorn, the very word is like a bell tolling me back from there to my soul self. Adieu. The fancy cannot chat so well as she is famed to do, deceiving Elf. Adieu, adieu.

The plaintiff anthem fades past the near meadows over the still stream up the hillside and now 'tis buried deep in the next valley glades. Was it a vision or a waking dream? Fled is that music, do I wake or do I sleep?"

Mixed in with other lines like "Nights so fun they explain the evolutionary purpose of talking" delivered by Katie Holmes perfectly. If you haven't seen it, definitely worth a watch.
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We have a correctional officer who works in my block, his name is Agu. He speaks with a very heavy accent, I believe Nigerian, but I could be wrong. Anyway, this guy is a cartoon character straight out of Bugs Bunny. The stuff he does would be funny if it wasn't screwing inmates over.

The story starts way back in January, when two inmates moved into the block (there are eight blocks on the yard). Their names are McCurry and Harden. Now these guys weren't perfect by any means, but neither were they the biggest screw-ups ever, either. Just two guys trying to get through their time. Agu had gotten into an argument with these two months prior when he worked overtime in another block, so Agu was less than pleased when these two moved in.

Agu holds grudges. Agu tried to move the inmates out, but had no cause to do so, so they stayed. Shortly after they moved into six block (my block) , Harden hurt his back while in a vocational program. This prison constantly screwed up his medical treatment. He got an X-ray which showed spinal curvature and a disc out of place. He was sent to an outside hospital for an MRI, but the orders said "X-ray", so he only got another X-ray, which had already been done at the prison.

They screwed with his medication, everything that could be done wrong was. It got to the point where Harden could barely walk, still medical did nothing. On February 10th Harden tried to request to see medical because his pain was so severe, and he'd been told the day before that he would be seen. He was left in the dayroom with no help and collapsed on the floor.

We called a "man down" from our cells, a phrase that is supposed to alert the officers to a medical problem. They're supposed to hit the alarm and emergency response is supposed to come. In this case Agu and his partner Tremble looked in and told the control cop to let the next shift deal with it.

Harden was left on the floor for 4-1/2 hours, until medical came to pass out afternoon medication. The person passing out meds, who wasn't a registered nurse, said "He's faking" and left him there while custody staff laughed and made jokes. Two inmates carried Harden back to his cell rather than leave him on the floor.

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