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My latest misadventures all started the night of the royal wedding. Having been too young to watch Diana's wedding, I wanted to catch this one. I knew I couldn't stay up, so I went to sleep around 11, and left it up to my internal clock to work. At 3am, for whatever reason, I woke up.

Now I'm on the west coast (for those who don't know), so Kate was still in the car, nobody had seen the dress, so I caught it at the right time. I watched the wedding (very old-testament, wasn't it) and ended up catching maybe an hour of sleep before breakfast. As you can imagine I was exhausted , then my door opens and I have to go to R&R (Receiving and Release) to inventory and pack my stuff for transferring (to Corcoran). I was not looking forward to this process.

I go up, pack all my worldly possessions into the 3 designated boxes (that's all you're allowed) and sent what wouldn't fit into those boxes home. Now because I packed on a Friday, and I left on a Monday, I spent the whole weekend stressing out. What kind of program are they going to have, what people will be there, what property will I lose, etc.

I couldn't sleep Sunday, so I stayed up all night. I left my cell around 4aam, sat in a holding tank until 6am, then took a 30 minute ride to my new prison. I sat in another holding tank until 1pm, when I finally got my property. Come to find out that after we inventoried and packed all my property the officers went back into my stuff and stole a bunch of my property.

They took my coffee mug, my books of stamps, almost $1,000 worth of "Rifts" (Role-playing books), personal letters, books, all kinds of stuff. No sheet saying why they took it....they just stole my stuff. On top of that, after they stole my stuff, they made a new inventory sheet, one I didn't sign like the procedure says, so it looked like all my stuff was there! They forged the paperwork and robbed me...and *I'm* considered the criminal!

Then I got here (in Corcoran). They took my gaming dice, scratched my TV, took a bunch more stuff (including incense used for religious ceremonies), and basically threw a fit I had hid incense in my property. So they took a bunch more of my stuff.

Now I sit, in a more screwed up place than I left, with most of my stuff stolen or confiscated. This sucks ass! It took years to build my book collection, now I have to start over. CDCr is nothing but organized crime.

So that was my royal wedding experience. The wedding was cool, the rest, not so much...


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