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Well, it's been awhile since I've updated this site. A lot has been going on with my "apartment complex" as I like to call it, more on that later. I've written a thousand entries to this page in my head, much the same way my mom writes letters to me in her head. The problem with that is I only get half her letters that way.

To start, I wanted to use this page as a creative outlet, to maybe meet like-minded people to correspond with, to share thoughts and feelings with the outside world. I was going to leave out stories of my incarceration and when I started this I wasn't even sure I was going to mention I was locked up. I'm reduced to "inmate" enough as it is, I wanted a place to feel normal.

I didn't, and I still don't, want to use this page as a soapbox and tell all the woes of prison life. That being said, I realized it was all but impossible for all of you to know, most (if not all) read my mom's page, and as my situation is a huge part of her life, I know it's something she talks about. And since it's my daily life it's something I'll talk about from time to time because some of the crazy shit that goes on in here just has to be shared. More on that later...

We have an institutional TV channel where we get semi-recent movies, pretty much as soon as they come out on DVD we get them. One of the recent movies was "500 Days of Summer." Now I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy, "Nick and Nora's Ultimate Playlist" was one of my favorite flicks in this genre. But rarely has a movie ripped at an emotional scab as "500 Days of Summer." Down to the author's notes in the beginning credits, except I would substitute the name of Christina Jensen.

Everything the lead character went through from being ecstatically happy to breaking dishes and buying Twinkies and Jack Daniels in a bath robe, emotionally I was right there with him. At the end I have to wonder how many Autumns I had overlooked, and is it too late to find her? I hope not, my family is great but the rest of my life without love is not a prospect I look forward to. A sentiment I'm sure many people can relate to.

All in all, "500 Days of Summer" is worth seeing, by the way...

** Adam wrote this in July, and sent it to me a week or so before I moved. It's taken until now for me to get to a place - both physically and emotionally - that I could write this out for him. What he wrote struck an emotional cord with me as well, since I know a thing or two about Jack Daniels and Twinkies...


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