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While reading Christopher Penczaks' "The Inner Temple of Witchcraft" (an excellent book on the craft), he tells a story of a student who had a difficult time with calling herself a Witch. She had a hard time connecting with it, and didn't want to "be just a Witch." Penczak goes onto say he has never felt like he is "just a Witch."

It got me thinking about when i came to the realization I was a Witch.

Growing up in a Christian society, it's hard to find yourself among people who believe a completely different way. My dad was Presbyterian, and Sunday church seemed like nonsense to me. I didn't connect with any of it.

Later, when it was just my mom and I, she always kept crystals around and seemed open to "New Age" ideas, but we never really got into philosophical debates. I developed my own belief structure, knowing the planets and the sun and the moon gave off energies, and considered them gods and goddesses.

Then I came across a Wiccan book. Here was a whole system of religion/spirituality that I actually fit into! I found a religion to come home to. Once I had that, I didn't kick down the door, I blew the whole damn broom closet up.

I knew I was a Witch and had no problem telling friends and family. Some laughed, some looked decidedly worried, and some accepted without question. Still today some people look at me like I'm crazy, some see my pentagram and think I'm Jewish.

But I've never had a problem with the "W" word. It's part of who I am, who I've always been. I am part of an ancient tradition with a modern twist.

I am a Witch.


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