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We have a correctional officer who works in my block, his name is Agu. He speaks with a very heavy accent, I believe Nigerian, but I could be wrong. Anyway, this guy is a cartoon character straight out of Bugs Bunny. The stuff he does would be funny if it wasn't screwing inmates over.

The story starts way back in January, when two inmates moved into the block (there are eight blocks on the yard). Their names are McCurry and Harden. Now these guys weren't perfect by any means, but neither were they the biggest screw-ups ever, either. Just two guys trying to get through their time. Agu had gotten into an argument with these two months prior when he worked overtime in another block, so Agu was less than pleased when these two moved in.

Agu holds grudges. Agu tried to move the inmates out, but had no cause to do so, so they stayed. Shortly after they moved into six block (my block) , Harden hurt his back while in a vocational program. This prison constantly screwed up his medical treatment. He got an X-ray which showed spinal curvature and a disc out of place. He was sent to an outside hospital for an MRI, but the orders said "X-ray", so he only got another X-ray, which had already been done at the prison.

They screwed with his medication, everything that could be done wrong was. It got to the point where Harden could barely walk, still medical did nothing. On February 10th Harden tried to request to see medical because his pain was so severe, and he'd been told the day before that he would be seen. He was left in the dayroom with no help and collapsed on the floor.

We called a "man down" from our cells, a phrase that is supposed to alert the officers to a medical problem. They're supposed to hit the alarm and emergency response is supposed to come. In this case Agu and his partner Tremble looked in and told the control cop to let the next shift deal with it.

Harden was left on the floor for 4-1/2 hours, until medical came to pass out afternoon medication. The person passing out meds, who wasn't a registered nurse, said "He's faking" and left him there while custody staff laughed and made jokes. Two inmates carried Harden back to his cell rather than leave him on the floor.

The next day Agu charged McCurry (Harden's cellie) with a trumped up weapons charge. As they were searching the cell they left Harden un-cuffed and sitting in the dayroom, a clear policy violation when searching for weapons. When the search was complete Harden refused to return to the cell and requested to see medical. Agu and Tremble took a step back, talked for a second, then hit their alarm button. When responding officers came in, they said Harden hit them. Harden was thrown to the ground, cuffed, and dragged to the cages in the program office and charged with a staff assault.

All because he wanted to see medical.

As far as I know all the charges were dropped on both inmates, which shows how much crap they were to begin with, since CDCr doesn't drop anything.

Now, because me and my cellie are friends with Harden and McCurry and we told the investigating officer what went down, we're on Agus' shit list. Normally this would be a problem since Agu has many, many years left as a C/O, but he's also super lazy and frankly dumb as a box of rocks. He has come in multiple times looking for Pruno (an alcohol made from fruit and sugar) and has never found it. Now, whether we had any or not.... *shrugs and looks innocent* but if we did, it wouldn't be hard to find. It has a distinctive smell, and 3-1/2 to 4 gallons isn't easy to hide in an 8 x 12 cell. So either we were clean *shrugs* or we were smarter than he was.

Believe me, not hard.

I've been down for 10 years, my cellie longer than that. Over time, you accumulate stuff. I personally like to read, so I have a lot of books. We are limited to the amount of stuff we can have (10 books, magazines, CDs, everything has to fit into a certain space, etc). Most officers don't really care about this. If the worse that goes on is someone reads too much, it's a good day.

But as an officer they have the authority to come in and say to get rid of stuff or they will. Instead of doing this, Agu went to the Sargent and whined that we have too much property. The Sargent basically told him to pound sand and not to bother him with small stuff. Not being one to give up, but unwilling to do any actual work, Agu waited for a relief Lieutenant who only works two days on this yard and cried to her. This Lieutenant has a reputation for searching cells...thoroughly.

She came and talked to my cellie, telling him to pass some stuff around to our neighbors so Agu would stop his whining and left. The whole thing made him look like he didn't have control over his own block and couldn't handle a simple property issue. The story has spread like wildfire through all three shifts, and Agu now made himself a laughing stock among the officers. Luckily I work for the evening shift and they want me here so they kind of have my back. I'm sure I'll have more misadventures to share soon...

One last request to all who read this. I'm really into the band "Flyleaf", but they put a heavy Christian slant on their music. I'm looking for a Wiccan version of Flyleaf. A chick lead singer screams a lot (that's just hot), Flyleaf but Wiccan. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.
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